Karen Kleven's Fundraiser

How can we possibly move beyond the current state of politics? Can we get past the divisions and greed that have been hallmarks of American politics in recent years? We have a unique opportunity in 2018 to significantly change Washington and to bring a new vision for the future of America.  We can do this together.

Marty Walters is running for Congress in California's largest and most rural district because we deserve to be represented by someone who understands our people, our region, and our economy.  We want to show people what it looks like when capable women candidates put ourselves out there to run for office. In Washington, Marty will represent our unique point of view and ensure we are getting the financial resources we need into our communities and our environment.  She will help realize a vision for American success that is accessible to rural and city people, to working people and those who need support and protection to participate in American life.

July 19, 2017 at 6pm - 9pm
Karen Kleven's Home
Karen Kleven

Will you come?